Streamlining the Imaging Process with Robert B. ScanX Digital Imaging Brochure. Prior to digital radiography, the use of analog films involved processors, chemicals, and maximum radiation exposure to produce an image of diagnostic quality. Depending on the level of sedation, a patient can easily hold a hemostat attached to a PSP. May 4, Digital Radiography Sensors:

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Register your product now to receive the warranty. Prior to digital radiography, the use of analog films involved sfanx, chemicals, and maximum radiation exposure to produce an image of diagnostic quality. A comparable setup with wired sensors is veritably cost prohibitive. This seamless transition is extremely useful for both the dentist and the staff. Mechanic – Oral Health.

Digital Imaging Without Limits: This do-everything four track system can read images simultaneously from 4 PSPs in seconds.

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Through TWAIN settings, the ScanX product line can transfer high resolution with maximum-size radiographs to most imaging and practice-management software. A film-like workflow will enable your staff to confidently start using ScanX with virtually no learning curve and will result in fewer retakes.

The elimination of guesswork makes implantology more predictable, even in the most complex implant cases, asserts Glasser. You may deduct the full cost of dental equipment from your taxes techniqjes to 1 Million Dollars.

The thin, wireless PSPs are durable and immediately ready to be used again thanks to the automatic read and hwain technology.

This is an important factor in achieving more complete and comprehensive diagnoses using radiographic analysis. As a result of this versatility, I can confidently and predictably ascertain critical real-time diagnostic information without having to break the sterile environment.

Visix Imaging Software Brochure. This technique facilitates a less-invasive placement of the imaging plate. May 4, Digital Radiography Sensors: As a result of its intrinsically thin design and flexibility, the PSP can easily be placed into virtually all areas of the mouth with complete comfort as compared to the wired hard sensors.

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Still Using Film — Why? Eliminate the hassle and maintenance cost of the film processor and all of its chemicals.


Your digital images are ready to be reviewed, shared, archived or emailed. ScanX is the most economical digital solution for any practice.

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Navigation Home Articles Editorial Categories. This means increased diagnostic capabilities along with greater patient comfort thanks to these wireless, wafer-thin PSPs.

Intraoral sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. May 4, ScanX: The durable PSPs require no annual maintenance fees or costly insurance and can be reused hundreds of techniquez.

As a professor at Columbia University Dental School, Glasser has constant access to cutting-edge treatment and technology. The applications for implant surgery case planning of routine implant cases is extremely predictable with the ScanX and most imaging software.

Compendium September Volume 37, Issue 8. ScanX Digital Imaging Brochure.