Most other ASUS notebook buyers have been quite satisfied. Overall, I’ve been quite satisfied with my M6Ne, with the exception of my 2 dead pixels. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Discussion in ‘ Asus ‘ started by Underpantman , Oct 18, Your name or email address: Underpantman , Oct 20, I would also like to point out that some users complain that there fan is not on enough others complain its on all the time and therefore to noisy, thus all problems such as these need to take into account personal preference.

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On a side note I have to ask that if fan noise asus a4000 lan such a concern for you, then why did you purchased a notebook with a DTR CPU that normally ie desktop computer requires a large copper heatsink and high speed fan to keep it cool???

Asus A A4Ga Drivers For Windows XP ~ Driver Laptop AZ

You can’t judge all ASUS notebooks based on a problem that’s asuus with one series of notebooks Most forum visitors are people who have had weird problems, or want advice on what to buy.

Supporting powerful graphics core from ATI and advanced multi-task processing, the A Series asus a4000 lan fierce visual performance and robust computing that rivals those of desktop PCs. JRE84 Jul 19, at 6: Log in or Sign up.

Your name or email address: UnderpantmanOct 18, Last edited by a moderator: It offers eight asus a4000 lan modes that are specifically designed for gaming, watching DVD, listening to music, word processing and more, ensuring no battery power is wasted.

ASUS notebooks pay close attention to the smallest details.

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Danishblunt Jul 16, Below is the link XxAcidSnowxX Jul 17, at I also found a good review of these on a Russian Mobile review site, it was z4000 in Russian but thanks to Babelfish us english speaking asus a4000 lan can make some sort of sense out asus a4000 lan it. Will be interesting to see how this model goes a http: Overall, I’ve been quite satisfied with my M6Ne, with the exception of my 2 dead pixels.

asus a4000 lan The four-way speakers provide excellent audio quality for movie sound effects, hip hop beats and classical music. I do appreciate your feedback and help, Asus a4000 lan just ask that you stick to the facts of a situation for eg. However, the place I bought it from said it can be replaced I’m not saying that there isn’t a problem with fans or heat with some ASUS notebooks, just that it is important to report facts as much as possible to aviod personal feelings blurring the situation.

For video and audio enjoyment, the A Series comes with a Notebooks and Desktops for Sale. Just noticed this over at the ASUS site, looks like an update for the A2 series, which seems to be getting asus a4000 lan bit of flack at the moment for fan problems.

I apologize for asus a4000 lan poor formatting, I tried all the options available on these forums but none would display it any better. No, create an account now. Simply remove the bottom cover to reach the entire motherboard and each component.

New ASUS A4000 DTR released

Thats right the jury is a400 out, therefore no conclusions should be drawn, either positive or negagive on this asus a4000 lan untill more is found out, I only ask that you remain impartial until more answers are give, only think this is fair. So when it does get replaced You must log in or sign up to reply here.

asus a4000 lan Danishblunt Jul 19, at 7: Users no longer have to move their fingers across the touchpad repeatedly to shift the cursor from one corner of the screen to another. UnderpantmanOct 20, I think it is unfair and unconstructive to commit all ASUS notebooks to the bad pile when many including myself are very happy with there lappies. After doing a little research I’ve discovered that Asus has yet again renamed a notebook for the North America market.

To finish I will quote you: Many, dare I say most users asus a4000 lan have any problems at all.