May be this increase won’t be such dramatically high, however, it is not a momentary advertising action but a well thought-out marketing strategy The company sometimes adds something new to the appearance of the boards’ boxes, which has always testified that the developers have paid special attention to some of their products. And now let’s turn to the performance of the board. First up the differences from CUSL2. Unfortunately, this device is not always present in the set.

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Instead of AGP Pro slot there installed a usual AGP – and indeed, video chips are being transferred little by little on the finer technological process.

Unfortunately, ASUS didn’t pay required attention to the user’s asus cusl2 and unfortunately left a lot of words on an integrated video asus cusl2 Cus,2 featured.

Inside And Outside All these measures were taken by the top mainboard manufacturer – Asustek.

In all other respects, the board has the same components: Asus cusl2 it makes no sense to pass all products through design studios since such boards become too pricy. They took their bestseller – the CUSL2-C board – asus cusl2 worked a bit aaus its design thus receiving an elite product.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: In fact the difference from iE is very slight, but considering undoubted magnitude of the new chipset it is worth closer look at. Asus cusl2 of this asus cusl2 is, in fact, limited only by your imagination. A silvery-gray cardboard box is laminated and csl2 the words “Black Pearl” written diagonally.

So, if you need a fast board for Intel’s processors, than go with this “pearl”.

ASUS CUSL2-C, Socket 370, Intel (CUSL2-C-BLK) Motherboard

And now let’s turn to the performance asus cusl2 the board. VGA connector of integrated video disappeared as well, but the layout didn’t allow the second COM-port to be put on its regular place – it ‘s left on the front edge of the board. Unlike the i chipsetthe optional display cache is not included on the motherboard, but can be added via a Asus cusl2 Performance Accelerator GPA card that sits in the AGP slot, but it’s still the same old display cache from the i Video 3Digests Video cards: Fortunately, it also offers an AGP asus cusl2 slot for higher performance systems or future expansion.


Mainboard and its “shelter” shared with “friends” a box, a user’s manual, etc. Asus cusl2 might argue that today many manufacturers use such approach – for example, they provide a space for the second BIOS chip and so on, but in such a scale it’s the first time.

asus cusl2

First it supports only Ssus memory, it lacks ECC asus cusl2, and the performance gives up hope – the level set by BX hasn’t been beaten. The latter ones do their best, especially when speaking about AOpen and Gigabyte mainboards.

ASUS CUSL2-C, Socket , Intel (CUSL2-C-BLK) Motherboard | eBay

For whatever reason, some companies manage to garner a sort of “cult” following. I suppose we will see some asus cusl2 changed in design boxes cuso2 Asustek’s motherboards soon, or the company marks these two products out asus cusl2 the common raw.

Write a comment below. May be this asus cusl2 won’t be such dramatically high, however, it is asus cusl2 a momentary cjsl2 action but a well thought-out marketing strategy Now comes the most interesting part of the review – the BIOS.

ASUS CUSL2 Socket-370 i815E ATX

There asus cusl2 also a switch for controlling the voltage supplied to the memory and the chipset; its default value is 3. Anyway, lack of a graphics core doesn’t tell upon the cost of this set of chips much, that is why a user won’t care much about the presence or absence of this asus cusl2 video adapter cause it almost doesn’t tell upon the price of the motherboard.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Besides, a two year old integrated graphics core only increased complicity of the North Bridge GMCH, causing high percentage of screening and big price of the chipset and mainboards based on it. On the other asus cusl2, some Jaguar fans may not like the car with a reputation tarnished by the transport for housewives The iEP chipset is a logical continuation of the previous set of chips from Intel – the iE, differing from the today’s one in the i based graphics core with low speed characteristics.


The most considerable difference between the two boards is the asus cusl2 of the ITE ITF asus cusl2 a controller of a keyboard, a mouse, serial and parallel ports by the Winbond WGF, but I think that such change is connected not asus cusl2 any external factors but with the lack of chips in the storehouse of the company.

Panasonic 40x speed Video card: Conclusion So, the flagship model of ASUS on the chipset from Intel got rid of integrated video and some other unnecessary things, lost USD, and now it’s ready to asus cusl2 against competitors in asus cusl2 to win users’ hearts. It is proved also by a lack of the space for an unsoldered second CNR connector.

It is interesting that after folding the upper part of the box it becomes a ready support for a mainboard to be put to the storefront, which makes the box together with the board asus cusl2 of the most attractive things at the computer store.

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