I have more than 1 email and vote 3 times a day, used nicknames. It was hard to drive and listen to something that I wrote at the same time!!! Congrats on that also. Let them change it to whatever format they want because it does not matter…Jr Nation will come out on top. Thanks for listening and checking out ClaireBLang. So spended Min. My guess is that if fans could only vote once a season boooo , or once a month, Dale Jr would still win.

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There are currently members of PR. The sweepstakes they have is a good thing as people might vote just to have the chance to win that. I eat it every morning for breakfast. This contest is an honor. I am a faithful MPD voter, and I vote every day.

No matter how you change it Jr will win as he should he does have the most fans. Okay, I am joking so nobody get upset but it does make us wonder.

Chex most popular driver – Planet Robby

I think Jimmie must get some of the humor from Gary. I think it is a disgrace to the award to be able to make up email addresses and vote more than once. Now that I have a better feel, I have a couple more thoughts to share with Chex….


I certainly support Chex wanting to have more hits to its website. Just a reminder we start voting tomorrow for Chex’s most popular driver. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Yes it should be. I will not buy their product if they do this. We won’t have to vote Robby into the all-star when he wins the Let me know your feedback if you can.

A trip to the banquet for two all expenses paid.

Chex Most Popular Driver- Hot Topic! | “Dialed In” with Claire B Lang

No change in the way the voting is done is going to change that. Got 3 votes in for today. Just a couple of suggestions. That would encourage folks to vote even if they perceived their driver not to be a potential winner!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It shows where the drivers stand with the people who make it possible for them to do what they love every week.

I brought this topic up on air and found that it was really a hot one!

Now that I have a better feel, I have a couple more nsacar to share with Chex… 1. Got my first vote in. They did a wonderful job raising Jimmie, Jarit, and Jessie.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. accepts the Chex Most Popular Driver Award

If I set up a Gmail account and use my husband’s work email, that would be 5. Main My Page Members Contributers. If, perhaps, one had to vote 20 times in a month, the coupon could not be possibly kicked out until the 21st of the month and if someone voted multiple times daily, then their votes would be discounted… the software is out there to match emails to votes.

If indeed Dale Jr is the winner again this year, and from the apparent description that you gave on the show it sounds like he is, it is because his legion of fans has faithfully voted each and every day. Sign Up or Sign Dhex. Mike Kenyon replied to Got desert? Dale Jr is the most pipular at the tracks, in merchandise sales and in contests. It was hard to drive and listen to something that I wrote at the same time!!! POS is one of them.