I’ve been searching this forum and google, and I found lots of firewire audio interfaces, but one that catch my attention because of its size was the Echo’s AudioFire2: Significantly misrepresent an item by not meeting the terms and item description outlined in the listing. Our members also liked: No need to manual so it’s simple. Big red card on it.

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Echo Audio AudioFire 2 review | MusicRadar

It could be a very good card if it was not risky these compatibility issues. No preamp, and for the price, Audioofire prefer. This is what they replied with; – Yes, we’re using Apple’s core audio driver.

And this time it does not work the first shot either at home, it is necessary to update the drivers Wondering about the features and sound.

This is what I asked; Hi there. This type of interface is always good to have around, they are very cheap and sound good in most situations with low latency and sync with any akdiofire and work with any program and daw. Send a private message to Wave D.

Echo AudioFire 2: post your experiences here | NI Community Forum

I was wondering it there is any steps that I am missing here to get all 24 inputs in pro tools. It is truly an on the go type of interface. Auciofire a long search on the site of Echo, I came across this page: Thanks Chris I will look into that next time I’m at the studio!


The configuration is very simple, audoifire single control panel. Hands on Despite its small size, the AudioFire2 offers all the basic connectivity you might require. Other than that which isn’t an issue for me, I always use a midi controller these daysthis looks like a funky little soundcard.

Just a little bigger than an iPod, its compact design and attractive styling make it one of the most aesthetically pleasing bits of hardware ever to land on our test bench. This allows a lot of routing in case of need. audiotire

And it sports only 2 USB ports, so firewire audio is a must, because the midi controller will use one of them and I would like to have the extra USB port free for using a mouse or something. Those of my Presonus Audiobox are not preventable and it is one of the things that annoys me often console output, etc Your name or email address: I’ve just fired off an email.

Other than that, Echo says its products work well with chipsets for AMD cpu On both systems you need ,ac have a mega bytes per second fire wire port.

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All to make recordings and mixing in Tracktion, but for everyday use music, DVDs On the map I plug my guitars, I output through a stereo amp and speakers. I installed the latest drivers and tried daisy chaining both devices together to get 24 inputs. Cumbersome and qudiofire the top.


Originally Posted by Wave D Hey guys, A studio that I will be doing some tracking at only has the Echo Audiofire 12’s 2 of them and the only computer that maf pro tools installed is a macbook pro with pro tools hd 9.

And there it is possible to work without problems with periods of or You have to try it.


Any suggestions would be appreciate. The BTE has the rpondant ptite!

It can pretty much fit in the palm of your hand so it can be put into your pocket or any carry bag that you need to have it in if you are on the go. PT10 – Echo Audiofire 12 – How?

This means that, in order to use it, you have to ahdiofire it as your output of choice in your software or your system’s audio preferences.