It works better than many cameras you can buy on the market. Save the driver file using the same name. U rock 4 sure!!! I got it working with msn and it works in Windows Movie Maker too. Click on the “Finish” button to complete the process. That was awsom dude thanx so much good idea 2 get this workin.

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Great, Nice 1 it works. This is the type of driver known as plug and play because of how fast they can detect the device they are supposed to support.


Windows XP will automatically detect that you have plugged in a new device. Cheers, this was straight forward, simple, good for n00bs and works great. Thanks m8 dunno wat id do without you. You tk to click on the “Continue Anyway” button to install the driver. We will decide whether to approve it or not. Select install from a list or specified location Advanced. Brilliant, been trying to get it to work for ages!!! The only exception are links to CDMage, which is only hosted on a certain website and is needed to make certain POPStarter game backups work.


Installing the Silver Sony PlayStation 2 EyeToy Camera on Windows XP Computer

Finally I can webcam it up! Posting Rules Rule 1: Thank u very much. We do not support or condone piracy.

It will ask whether it should install the software automatically. This was a great help, thank you so much. The prices are not marked, but they will ring up cheap! Sometimes these links are a little slow…but they will eventually connect. WOW, thats pretty amazing.

Namtai Eyetoy SLEH-00031 / SCEH-0004

Eyetoy is much better than my own wee cam preinstalled in my Acer laptop lol, I just wish I thought of using EyeToy on my how to install namtai eyetoy 2 years ago instead of waitin so long. This subreddit is dedicated to the best selling video game console in history, Sony’s Playstation 2. Thankyou so much none of the other website instrictions worked for me but yours did!

Now I can to ehetoy it as nqmtai webcam and to capture video.

how to install namtai eyetoy ? – Microsoft Community

You can now enjoy using your new computer web cam and microphone. Drag the internal folder onto your Windows Desktop.

I tried many other sites eyettoy failed. Buy a memory card with a complimentary installation of FreeMcBoot v1. Let us know if you get it working — email iplayplaystation.

Thank you so much for the help, it worked eyetoh. It works better than many cameras you can buy on the market. Just wondering is there a way to get rid of the red light?

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I like that I can use this on my PC instead. This affects any games that use the service to authenticate for online play for first and third party servers. It can also be used on Windows computers as a webcam.