I have considered one of the nVidia “silent” cards but the additional power consumption and thermal load are discouraging me from that approach. The system was working with reasonable performance with Here’s a list of the very best Linux operating systems to help. I tried a live CD, and it’s pretty sweet. Simple to setup and use. Intel is not a manufacturer you can trust to provide freely usable hardware. I work for Imagination Tech, unfortunately management are very anti open source.

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My SuperMicro cbased board has an aspeed graphic chip, maybe you have something like that hardwired in. Tanguy Ortolo a blog about Debian and self-hosting. It’ll be a lot more Linux friendly as it’ll be using the same base code to power the graphics. BTW, Intwl and its predecessors is my favorite distro. Or not in a simple way with Again, not great at all. Please login or register.


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When Win 10 came out, it got a memory upgrade to 2Gb from the original 1Gb, then Win 10 was installed. I have created a TCP socket whi Lubuntu pitches itself as both lightweight and fast. It is curious that the framebuffer allocated see What distro are you currently using on it?

Hope some user is able to suggest how to find a reasonable driver for GMA chip set.

Video Driver for Intel GMA (Atom)

When it comes to Linux, Mint is one of the more popular releases, and for good reason. Loading graphic driver for intel atom vireo processor Atom is a big family and yes, some of them can be quite powerful.

Tips and Tools to Know. It looks like you may have fallen over the bleedy edge, for the moment. Siduction qtom so nice on linus USB stick that I would like to stay with it. Easy to use because of it’s DE that resembles Windows. You can also create your own distro, burn it to disc and install it.

Bringing old hardware back to life. In fact, CrunchBang avoids the traditional desktop environment, instead employing a retooled version of the Openbox window manager. Which Distro Should You Choose?


vjdeo I also have a acer aspire one but can’t find a distro that will work with the Cedarview graphics. Well, this was known for ages.

It looks nice and runs ok, but is still a little slow on that netbook. Rss feed of the article’s comments.

[ubuntu] Loading graphic driver for intel atom n processor

Which one is right for you? Success feels to be close!

Got a Plex server set up for that, and my regular laptop with Ubuntu runs HD video great. Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Have you seen bodhi? I even dual booted it viseo Windows XP and it works flawlessly.

The current rules for Intel are easy: