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I doubt you will easily find K-Cad or blades any more. Similar Threads – Anyone heard ioline. Jan 13, 9. Similar Threads – Anyone heard ioline Question Has anyone heard of I know loline someone from Ioline is a member here and they are located a short distance from me in Woodinville, Wa. Jan 8, 5. Search Media New Media. Got away from signs except for helping a local sign-maker part time.

Anyone heard of an ioline LP3700 plotter

Is it even remotely associated with graphics? Dec 16, 3. Anyone know this script?


Thanks to everyone who responds. Take care and God Bless to all.

Anyone heard of an ioline LP plotter | Signscom: Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals

Flexi 8 jr is good for the drivers, I don’t care much for the Starter program, much prefer CS3 and out put to production manager. Was a bad cutting plotter in it’s day, probably belongs in a museum or trash heap today. These machines were modified pen plotters, probably lates technology.

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Oiline and Typography Replies: Anyone know this font? Jan 10, 8 Mr Happy New Member 6 0 0 Dec 31, seems mr vinyl man has some unresolved issues, actually I’m moving to someplace called Berlin Center, somewhere in Ohio.


SignosaurusRex Feb 7, Jan 8, 7. Dec 17, 4.

Did have it almost working with an OS9 mac, but coudn’t find a driver that would do more than cut squrilies. None the less, i was hoping to get i working well enough to do a few jobs — that would generate some capital 37000 a new cutter.

A great way to get into the sign business along with all the rest of the W. Like can you even get parts, drivers, or blades for them anymore? Wow, I haven’t heard or seen any reference to the LP in the last 10 years or so.