You can’t expect any notebook to reproduce sound like a Dolby Digital theater. With integrated 16bit sound, the notebook just doesn’t cut it to be a media center. The Ls50 makessmooth and effortless work of such games as they are processed by ATi’s Mobility with Mb dedicated memory. JCordero31 Jul 6, But users may not like bits hanging off of their notebooks, LG really should have looked to include one of these short range communication options as a built-in feature. Kiwibru , Jun 23,

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The test of the Intel Pentium M 1.

Thisiswhere the LS50 lacks, yes it does lg xnote le50 a built-in volume control button but that’s the extent of it for lg xnote le50 control buttons.

There are many different ways to get around poor integrated speakers. The absolute disaster has finally been reviewed DanishbluntJul 17,in forum: To start off, the speakers are positioned badly, they are angled down at the front of the notebook. With a Pentium M 1. Fairly light weight 2.

LG LS50 Review (pics, specs) | NotebookReview

Pete Light Jul 26, at 6: With a high end processor and a high end graphics card, it would le0 come into full play when you havea good amount ofRAM for main lg xnote le50 memory. KrispyKreme50Jun 23, The LG LS is feature packed with many of the common requirements of today’s computing needs.


I need parts for an LG LS Anybody knows which motherboard is used for the LS Thankfully LG realized this and thenotebook has been equipped with Mb 1gig of ram running at MHz, this ismuch more than a standard lt or notebook. LG also claims that their cases are not plastic but actually magnesium alloy. Although made of lg xnote le50 materials, it’s still not recommended to drop the notebook from any given height, this is lg xnote le50 a “rugged” notebook per se.

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The main difference between this keyboard and a regular lg xnote le50 keyboard is greater use of the”function” key Fnthis key is used in conjunction with other keysto perform a variety of tasks. Do you already have an account? With integrated 16bit sound, the notebook just doesn’t cut it to be a media center.

Excellent build, design, and looks. The LM50 is pretty much the lg xnote le50 With ample RAM, a fast processor and great graphics cardyou get the quick feedback and response that’s required by some of todays most demanding software applications even. ly

LG LB50, LE50 Notebook Windows 2000, XP Drivers, Software

Not too much to say on the touchpad. Having such lg xnote le50 high clock speed, you would think that the notebook would tend to run hot and require a lot of fan blowing to cool the insides down.


Are you reviewing the LM50 or LS50? However, this can be a cheap fix by buying either a Bluetooth dongle or an external Lg xnote le50 port. It’s a Synaptics pointing device, which has been used in many other notebooks including Acer, Toshiba, and Fujitsu. The Ls50 makessmooth and effortless work of such games as they are processed by ATi’s Mobility with Lg xnote le50 dedicated memory.

The hard drive, when spinning up, is quite an audible sound, but this only happens every so often. This notebook has the potential to be a gamer’s notebook and also serveswell asan everyday business man’s work station due to its thin, sleek design and good battery life. The 15″screenmakes a big difference to the smaller Yes, my password is: Share This Page Tweet.

Sound produced from the lg xnote le50 speakers is crisp and clear. I chose the LS50 over these notebooks and others due to the combination of style and high-end performance.