I have not yet called WD, but I have emailed them, and their answer was unhelpful, to say the least. You should check before buying it, if you use it with a loptop. I’ve noticed that when you shuffle through all the reviews, all the brands suck or fail or are horrible. I was unable to get back a number of files. Today I get to work and try connecting the drive to my two desktop computers. My information is valuable, and don’t trust this harddrive with my recycle bin.

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Western Digital Wd2500xms-00 250gb USB External Hard Drive – Very Good

There is a shiny side top and a matte side bottomand both pick up fingerprints and smudge like crazy. I just got it, but I like it so far. A few computers I’ve plugged digutal into don’t really recognize it, and go looking for installation software and drivers unsuccessfully. No disk was included with the unit.

The speed is very responsive. Highly recommend this product It probably all boils down to power.

western digital wdxms Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

My computer can see, there is just no way to open it. Today I get to work and try connecting the drive to my two desktop computers. So many Cons but still 4 star??


Anyway, I still need to call WD and try to sort things out further, but my long-winded conclusion is this: If you use Time Machine, you will want it, or may I say beg for it.

Great hardware for the price, even with the poor software included you can and maybe should erase them Lots of room on this bad boy and the price was less than 50 cents per gigabyte It’s a little more expensive, though.

It is small, light, quiet and has plenty of space, and install was a piece of cake. I have a large number of movies and and music, so i have two hard drives from western digital and i am loving it.

Having only one USB jack more on this point below. It comes formatted as FAT WD has been the only brand I’ve used, and I intend to switch. As with all hard drives, keep in mind that it’s sold as a GB drive, but the actual drive capacity is GB.

Western Digital Wdxms gb USB External Hard Drive – Very Good | eBay

I then took out the WD drive from the plastic case and installed it in my laptop. I don’t think the sync software did me any good as it’s just too bloated and not very user friendly. I cant afford that. Put it in your briefcase, put it in your safe, take it with you anywhere and keep a copy of your data.


I currently use it for my MacBook Pro as a time machine and it works great Problem fixed, but not thanx to Western Digital. I thought the first harddrive was a fluke, but this one just reconfirmed that Western Digital the company makes unreliable products.

The glossy finish wd2500xxms-00 the drive a nice touch.

I lost about 6 gigs of photos on it. You can sort of see this in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th customer photos.

The problem came after I decided to reinstall XP on my C: The included cable 8in? I knew my wife had something to do westen it. This is my second WD portable drive. Wish WD comes with a GB passport hard drive.