My PC can’t get on the Internet. Any parameter change will cause the device to reboot for the new settings to take effect. If you use high gain omni antenna and high power setting in near distance, the signal will interfere to each other. Remember your user name and password for you will be asked to enter them every time you access the web server of this Access Point. That is why the signal strength is better but the performance is worse. In the Address box, enter the following: Refer to the illustration below.

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The biggest wl–5450ap for Wl-5450ap mode is that no network device can be attached to the network directly, thus making connection to Wl-5450ap and Internet difficult. Wl-5450ap enter the MAC address without the colon mark “: Wireless Basic Settings This page includes all primary and major parameters. It happens to non-AirLive products also.

Ovislink WL-5450AP

The wireless network are formed by wireless cards only. What is AdHoc wl-5450ap Infrastruture? Then, the link got wl-5450ap unstable. Most of the wireless problem are caused by channel interference. Please download the latest firmwares for wl-5450ap machine from our website.


Wl-5450ap IP Address What are the available Telnet and SSH commands? We can extend the wireless coverage wl-5450ap using 2 wl-5450ap APs to create a wireless repeater: I was configuring AirLive Press Refresh to get the latest information.

Please wl-5450ap that by using any encryption, by which wl-5450ap packet is encrypted before transmission to prevent wk-5450ap packets from being eavesdropped by unrelated people, there may be a significant degradation of the data throughput on the wireless link.

Wl-5450ap follow the instruction below to extend. How many users can we link to an access point?

AirLive WLAP User Manual | Page 29 / 32

This device is shipped with configuration that is functional right out of the box. Do wl-5450ap release the reset button until the “Status” LED goes off. After change wl-5450ap TX power setting, please reboot the device wl-5450ap take wl-5450ap.

What should I do? The value of the signal level in the site survey window ,is it a percentage or dBm? Please follow the steps below:. Make sure all APs wl-5450ap cards are on the same IP subnet for example, all start with But it doesn’t allow me to upgrade.


To turn it on. Or reinstall your browser program. Once you make sure wl-5450ap has emergency code function.

Channel Number The wl-5450ap of wl-5450ap supported depends on the region of this Access Point. If your model name is WLAP, it does not have emergency function. Enter text from wl-5450ap Parts Names and Functions wl-5450ap. You should see the emergency code page where you can upload your AirLive firmware again. AP also extend the range between the cards.

Wl-5450ap the list contains no entries with this function being enabled, then no clients will be able to access this Access Point.